Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 22

My poem a day pledge is whipping my butt. It's day 22 and I've written 19 poems. Or maybe poem parts? But my poem-maker feels like a shaken bottle of pop! (I don't know what my poem-maker is.) Since I seem incapable of thinking about my poems, my process, my plans for the next few months (maybe on MLK weekend?), I'm trying to send it all out--poems, book, probably not chapbook. And I want to go on record that I'm outraged that I would ever have to pay to make an electronic submission to a magazine (not a contest).

Consulting The Writer's Chronicle and Poets and Writers for new places to submit, I notice there are far more ads for MFA programs than almost anything else. Yesterday, I also looked at what journals had poems in Best American Poetry and scanned the mags a successful poet-friend is published in. I also like to send to local-ish journals. (It feels neighborly.)

Now I have to figure out the clumps--which sets of 3 to 5 poems to send to where. Faux logic and all voodoo in the laying on of paper.

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