Sunday, August 5, 2012

Final Drafting: Send Off Time

Working on the ms. this weekend.
  • I put back two words that I'd taken out last time
  • I reordered the last two stanzas in a poem--moving away from finality
  • I took the stand alone poem away from the beginning of the book (before Part I) and put it into the midst of Part III
  • Part IV (last part) didn't seem lumpy as it had on last read-though
  • I fixed the page numbers and the Tof C
  • I updated the acknowledgments page
I think that maybe this is it and that I'll start sending it out which is a good thing because I have some ideas for other work curling up like tendrils, like morning glory vines.

I also worked on the third part of a poem (which will actually come first), zoning in on the last two lines of it, questioning the language which turned out to be a big plus. From my notes on this: "I don’t like the contradiction of lay/moved. Maybe I shouldn’t say 'Lay' although it’s a nice rep. What did we do if not lay? cringe? yearn? sat? paused. But I guess part of the problem is that the beach = the world.  We tarried (only if I was from another century!)."  Problem solved I think. It wasn't just the contradiction of those two words but also their relative colorlessness.

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