Wednesday, May 15, 2019

There is Nothing like a List to Get You Going or My Imaginary Desk

New poem-work

1. I’d like to assemble a manuscript and see what it’s saying. I have a feeling that 
there’s a fleeting sense  of bodily wrongness before I get to the illness/recovery 
poems. How weird is that. An anticipation because you don’t know what it is but
you know it’s coming.

2. Press on illness/recovery poems. Are there more? I should have a time where
 I just try to riff on the places and feelings and stick figure me in the midst. If I 
cannot  think. If I cannot walk.

3. Just a little while ago I had the idea of the word “Beggar.” I think it’s related to
 illness/recovery. Have a  focus-day session on that. What I am to you. See what 
birds land in the field.

4. Poems of joy which seem to be more easily had than poems of happiness. 

5. I would like to read through all my poems again. Chapbook book chapbook 
(book) (book) (book) (now about to be book).

6. Get the work out both small and large. Really push on this. Make up a summer
list of things to do.

7. Do I want to have some kind of public appearance after the reading in June? 

8. I was quite put out when it seemed I was terribly whacked yesterday by being 
outside and on my feet for 40 minutes. In honor of my stamina deficiency, I’m going 
to try to do things in 20-30 minute increments  in May and June. This will include 
writing (although I think I’ve successfully written for a couple of hours once at least
lately). But anyway maybe I must write every morning at work for 20 minutes. 
Maybe it can only be freewriting (which may address many things but must be a 
scallop of riffs, a flounce). 

9. I want to have poem ideas and write poems whether they’re planned or 
unplanned, thought of or unthought of. Write write write with or without punctuation.

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